8 Best Vape Mods to Start Your New Years Resolution With (2019)

Every year we start our new year off with a resolution. We set goals for ourselves and we push until we accomplish our goals. Some take longer than others; some happen within a few weeks or even days. We all want to get a new job, lose weight, get that promotion, or quit smoking. This article isn’t just about vaping; it’s about the alternative for us to stop smoking and live a healthier smoke-free life. Just like many people, I started smoking at a young age. I smoked three packs of cigarettes a day and continued to do so for quite some time. I picked up my first cigarette at the age of eleven and was smoking up until I was 21. In 2011, I was introduced to vaping and since then, I’ve been cigarette free. Today, I want to talk to you about the 8 best-regulated mods, internal battery vape kits, squonk mods, and pod systems to start this coming New Years resolution.

Internal Battery Vape Kits

Internal battery vape kits can be either regulated, unregulated or have a set wattage. Internal battery box mods are incredibly convenient due to its charging capabilities. Internal battery devices have a micro USB charging which also includes pass-through charging, which means that you can use your device while it charges. These mods can be for all users - beginner, intermediate and advanced.

Aegis Mini Kit By GeekVape


The Aegis Mini kit by Geek Vape has every bit of durability as it’s the big brother of the Aegis Legend but with a 2200 MAH internal battery. This little box mod is much smaller in size that fires between 5W to 80W and supports as low as a .05ohm coil. It is water resistant, shock resistant and dust proof just like its bigger brother counterpart, but significantly smaller and paired with the Cerberus tank by Geek Vape. The Cerberus tank comes with two 0.2ohm Super Mesh coils, is top fill capable, and has two large bottom airflow holes that are adjustable. The coils that come in the kit are firing in a rate between 60W and 80W. The flavor and vapor production from this kit surprises the most advanced users and is great for anyone.

The Drag Mini Kit by VooPoo


The Drag Mini kit by VooPoo is very similar to its bigger version, the Drag 2, but unique in its own way. The Drag Mini kit is an internal battery vape kit that has a whopping 4400 mah internal battery. This little box mod fires between 5W and 117W and supporst down to a .05ohm coil. This device is much smaller than the big brother but hits just as hard. It has unique resin colors, in which every pattern is different, so you’ll never find the same. The kit comes with the new U-Force T2 tank, which comes with an MTL (mouth to lung) coil that fires between 24W to 28W, but best at 25W and comes with an extra coil that is a lung hit coil. The Drag 2 and Drag Mini kits both come with the U-Force T2 tank, but the Drag Mini kit is the only one to come with the P2 coil (MTL coil). The coils are all interchangeable, and both devices support the wattage range with all of the coils manufactured by VooPoo. The Drag Mini has pass-through charging, overcharge protection, overheat protection and many more features which makes this kit a must-have for any user.

Regulated Box Mods 

Regulated box mods are devices that have a chipset to regulate power (wattage). They have variable voltage and wattage that can be turned up and down to your liking. The wattage can vary from 5W up to 300W depending on the device you have. Regulated box mods have overheat protection, ohm readers, battery life displays, wattage displays, voltage displays, and puff counters. Some devices have display screens you can customize. Some have clocks, and some even have timers to see how long your last hit was. Most box mods have a micro USB port, and you should not use for charging, but use it for firmware and software updates/upgrades. There is no overcharge protection feature to stop your batteries for charging, so this makes it unsafe to charge your device via micro USB. If your device has an internal battery you can use micro USB charging. If your device takes external batteries, I.E., 18650, 26650, 20700, 21700, you need to use an external battery charger.

Aegis Legend Kit by GeekVape

The Aegis Legend is a dual 18650 regulated box mod made by GeekVape. They’ve designed this device to withstand just about anything that you throw at it, literally. This box mod has earned itself the name of the indestructible beast. It is water resistant, shock resistant, and dust proof. It can go as low as 5W and up to 200W and supports down to a .05ohm coil. The Aegis Legend is the successor of the first version, the Aegis, which was a single battery box mod. It is a great box mod for beginner and advanced users.

The Drag 2 Kit by VooPoo


The Drag 2 kit made by VooPoo is also a dual 18650 regulated box mod. This box mod is powered by the Gene chip, which has gained a massive following due to its firing time. VooPoo made box mods which have been deemed the fastest firing devices ever made at .025 seconds. The Drag 2 fires as low as 5W up to 177W and supports down to a .05ohm coil. This box mod is resin and comes in assorted colors, and the unique thing about that is, every device is a different pattern which means, you’ll never find one the same. It is very user-friendly so anyone of any level will be able to use this device.


Squonk Box mod

Squonk box mods have made using a dripper/RDA (rebuildable dripping atomizer) extremely easy and more appealing. Drippers give you great flavor and vapor production but it’s a hassle when you have to remove your top cap to drip on your coils and cotton. Squonk box mods have eliminated that inconvenience and made drippers fun again. Squonk mods can be either regulated or unregulated and come in all shapes and sizes. What makes squonking so great is you can use your favorite dripper, but instead of removing your top cap to saturate your coil(s) and cotton with your e-liquid, there is a bottle that integrated into the device that you fill with your favorite e-liquid and squeezes when needed. The bottle sits inside the squonk box, and there is a tube that feeds the e-liquid up to your dripper through the 510 connection. As long as you have an RDA with a squonk pin, you can squonk away. Majority of manufacturers are including squonk pins within the contents of your dripper so that anyone and everyone can squonk if they desire. It’s dripping made easy!


Signature Tips SQ217 Squonk Mod

Signature Tips have brought us the Signature Series SQ217 Box Mod. It is for sure one of the hardest hitting squonk mods made to date. This squonk box is made with billet aluminum and has a 3D printed battery sled inside. It is unregulated with solid silver contact points for maximum conductivity and a silicon bottle for easy squonking. Though it’s not for the beginner vaper, it’s an excellent mod for the intermediate and advanced users. This squonk box supports a 21700 battery and can produce as much vapor as needed to satisfy any vaper.

Topside Squonk by Dovpo

The Top Side squonk box by DOVPO has taken squonking to a new level. Its unique design has made squonking even more convenient, instead of pulling the bottle to fill and squonk, now all you have to do is unscrew the fill cap and fill it from the top, hence its name, the Top Side. This device takes a 21700 and comes with a 18650 battery sleeve and fires between 5w and 90w. The Top Side supports down to a .08 ohm coil and would be great for any vaper. It comes with a 10ml silicon bottle that would last throughout the day which makes it a great contender in the squonk world.

Pod Systems

Pod systems are the latest and greatest in the industry. They’ve been getting better and better as the days go on. Pod systems vary in all shapes and sizes and some stand out more than others. They’re incredibly user-friendly, easily concealable, and they’re great when you’re on the go. Pod systems have been getting more and more advanced but no matter which one it is, it’s perfect for any user. With Micro USB charging and refillable pods, pod systems should be used with nicotine salt based e-liquid and others can be used with regular nicotine e-liquid. Nicotine salt e-liquids are commonly used in pod systems, but regular nicotine is starting to be more frequent amongst pod system users. Nic salt (nicotine salt) is smooth nicotine that doesn’t give a throat hit but still gives the nicotine satisfaction. Nicotine salts come in nicotine strengths up to 50mg.

Mi-Pod by Smoking Vapor

The Mi-Pod made by Smoking Vapor is an internal battery refillable pod system. It has an e-liquid capacity of 2ml and features a 950mah internal battery. The device also has micro USB pass-through charging with overcharge protection. The device supports a .5 ohm pod and has an LED indicator which indicates battery power and usage. Included in the contents of the packaging is an airflow plug for those who are looking for a more restricted hit. While being used, the LED indicator illuminates three different colors depending on your battery life. Blue indicates a full battery (blue - 3.7 to 4.2V = Full Battery), purple indicates 50% battery (3.4 to 3.7 = 50% battery) and red indicates low battery (3.4V = Low Battery). The Mi-Pod comes in a variation of colors, is extremely user-friendly and is commonly used amongst all users.

Orion by Lost Vape

Lost Vape has made nothing but great devices powered by the DNA chip by Evolv. Also powered by the DNA chip is the new refillable pod system, the Orion. The Orion is the first DNA powered pod system and is regulated up to 40W. The device features an LED indicator that illuminates red, white, and blue. There are two buttons on the device; one is the firing button, and the other is for power settings. When the LED light illuminates red, the device is firing at 40w. When the LED illuminates blue, the device is firing at 30w, and when the LED illuminates white, the device is firing at 20w. The LED indicator also illuminates color based off of battery life and when the device is on and off. To turn the device on and off, you press the fire button 5 times, which makes it pocket-friendly. The device is not draw activated, but the pods are 2ml capacity pods and are unique in filling. It is a top fill pod system, which makes filling a breeze.

In Summary


Vaping has come a long way over the years and it continues to grow every day. Innovation, customization, compatibility, usage, battery life, coil life, pod life, flavor profiles, and accessories are continuously growing, changing, and becoming more and more accessible to consumers. The devices, tanks, and pod systems companies have been releasing are getting more advanced and more user-friendly at the same time. There’s always something out there for everyone whether it be the new vaper looking to stop smoking, the intermediate vaper looking to upgrade, the advanced vaper looking to find the latest and greatest, or the enthusiast looking to add to their collection. Vaping is a healthier alternative and it has helped millions of people quit smoking. Not only is it a healthier alternative, but also a community people with a common interest. Vape shows and conventions bring people together from around the world to showcase what they have, educate others on the benefits of vaping, and expand their horizon in this industry. The possibilities are endless for people like us, including myself. I stopped smoking with the help of the safer alternative. I quit smoking and started vaping, and now I live a healthier and smoke-free lifestyle.


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